Council will be undertaking further streetscape improvement works at Wilson Avenue, Brunswick.

Stage 1 was completed in 2015 and included the permanent closure of Wilson Street to Sydney Road for the construction of a public space. Stage 2 aims to continue the improvement of pedestrian amenity, walkability and presentation of the street between Jewell Station and Sydney Road.

Stage 2 consultation was held from 31 July – 28 August 2020 and we asked the community to provide feedback on our draft concept plan. Further direct consultation with stakeholders and authorities is currently undertaken, with construction work is anticipated for July 2021 - June 2022.


We are currently working on the feedback received for the draft concept plan. The result of the survey will be available soon. If you have chosen to be contacted, you will receive an email update from Council.


1. We would like to create a better connection for pedestrians between Jewell Station and Sydney Road. How will we achieve this?

  • By widening the footpath
  • Raised accessible pedestrian crossings
  • Wayfinding and directional signage
  • Investigation into pole relocation
  • Wilson Avenue concept drawing

    2. We would like to encourage active modes of transport on Wilson Avenue. How?

  • Safer cycling
  • Bike parking
  • Traffic calming and slower speed limit
  • Wilson Avenue concept drawing

    3. Improvements to the quality of the public space that includes:

    • High quality materials for footpaths
    • Public art
    • Street trees and Greenery
    • Street furniture i.e. seating, bins, bollards
    Wilson Avenue concept drawing

    4. Improve local biodiversity and reduce the urban heat island effect. How?

    • Plant trees on both sides of Wilson Avenue, with deciduous trees on the northern side so the street gets sun in the winter.
    Wilson Avenue concept drawing

    5. Improve the quality of stormwater

    • Raingardens (Water Sensitive Urban Design – WSUD)
    Wilson Avenue concept drawing

    6. Provide opportunities for social interaction

    • Parklet a flexible space for seating outside Thanks Coffee cafe
    • Flexible plaza area at Jewell Station entrance steps
    Wilson Avenue concept drawing