Draft Concept

Draft Concept Consultation

Wheatsheaf Road Streetscape Improvement Draft Concept Plan

Draft Concept Plan - this document can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.

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This Artist's Impression depicts improvements to Wheatsheaf Road, as seen from the intersection of Argyle Street, Blucher Street and Wheatsheaf Road.

Additional Information

Feedback received from the community consultation in November 2020 has informed the development of the Draft Concept Plan to address various issues including safety, amenity, connections and the presentation of the street. The proposed design in the Draft Concept Plan will create key opportunities such as:

  • A new pedestrian operated signal crossing over Wheatsheaf Road
  • Two new raised threshold crossings over Argyle Street and Blucher Street
  • New street trees and water sensitive garden beds
  • New street furniture, including seating, bicycle hoops, way-finding signage and bins
  • Refurbished laneway connection to adjacent Waterloo Road and Blucher Street carpark
  • Wider on-street parking spaces and upgraded accessible parking spaces.

As Wheatsheaf Road is managed by the Department of Transport and contains a bus route operated by Public Transport Victoria (PTV), some of ideas suggested by the community may not be achievable.

However, Council will continue to advocate for a speed limit reduction along this section of Wheatsheaf Road in a continuing effort to create safer streets throughout Moreland.

This draft concept is subject to change and the approval of the relevant service authorities. Accessible car parking on Wheatsheaf Road will be upgraded to meet current standards. The current design will result in a loss of approximately 5-10 on-street car spaces. Due to the large number of nearby off-street car spaces off of Waterloo Road and Blucher Street (approximately 167 spaces) this reduction is not expected to create a parking shortage.

Project Outline

Project Outline

Wheatsheaf Road is a vital part of Glenroy's local community. It hosts a variety of vibrant and unique shops and businesses. Wheatsheaf Road will become an important link connecting Glenroy Station, soon to be upgraded as part of the Level Crossing Removal works, with the new Wheatsheaf Community Hub, currently under construction.

This is why Wheatsheaf Road has been recognised in the Glenroy Structure Plan, which aims to create people-friendly streets. The local knowledge and importance of this shopping strip is integral part of Council's commitment to improve the Wheatsheaf Road streetscape between Glenroy Road and Plumpton Avenue.

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Wheatsheaf Road scope

We will be improving Wheatsheaf Road, between Glenroy Road and Plumpton Avenue

Initial Feedback

Initial Community Feedback

By joining the conversation, you provided us with so many ideas and stories about Wheatsheaf Road and the local area to help inform the Draft Concept for this project.


The first stage of consultation was held from 2 November – 29 November 2020. A big thank you goes to all the community members who took the time to share their thoughts and feelings about Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy.

Collection Notice :

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