Renewal of the West Street Shopping Strip

Moreland City Council is preparing to develop a public space improvement plan for the West Street Shopping Strip, Hadfield. The project will take place over the next four financial years (2022-25/26), managed and delivered by Council’s Urban Design Unit, in collaboration with the Transport and Economic Development Units.

This project is being delivered as part of Council's Shopping Strip Renewal Program. Being a key economic and social centre of the local area, improvements to this section of West Street aim to:

  • Enhance the local economy and increase local employment
  • Improve the physical condition of the local shopping strip
  • Build partnerships and participation in the community
  • Leverage Council infrastructure and investment

Alongside this, we are investigating opportunities to improve overall pedestrian amenity and connectivity, public safety and accessibility, urban landscaping and human scale infrastructure, as well as encourage sustainable modes of transport.

The Project Scope

Council's Shopping Strip Renewal Program focuses on infrastructure and activation improvements to streetscape and public spaces on public land, working to make the immediate areas more enticing for locals to visit, shop and socialise.

West Street Project Scope

Note: project scope is indicative and may be subject to change during the project design development / consultation processes

You can join the conversation soon

We rely on local knowledge and community ideas to deliver high-quality public spaces throughout Moreland and we look forward to hearing from you about West Street. In a recent Inside Moreland article we mentioned that consultation would start in March but due to some unexpected delays we will now be inviting community input from August of 2022. We will connect with the community through online and in-person activities. If you’d like to stay up to date you can hit the +Follow button at the top of the page.