Conversation Starter Kit

This conversation starter kit is designed to give you information you need to join the conversation and have your say on our waste service.

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What do people need from Moreland's waste service?

We understand that not all households are the same. Below are some of the different households and common concerns that we heard during our first stage of consultation.


lives in an apartment

The people in my complex already have trouble separating waste and taking the bins out.

Do you live in an apartment like Mel? Click here for more info.


rents her home

We need a bigger bin but our landlord chooses the bin size.

Are you a renter like Mahek? Click here for more info.


has a large family with more than two children

We need a large garbage bin but will we have to pay more?

Do you have a big family like Max? Click here for more info


has young children at home

We need a large garbage bin picked up weekly because of the amount of nappies we have

Do you have young children like Mohamed? Click here for more info


is an older person

I am concerned that four bins is too many for me to take out safely on bin night.

Are you an older person like Marina? Click here for more info


has a medical condition

I have a health condition and need a large bin for my medical waste.

Do you have medical waste like Mario? Click here for more info


runs a business

My business needs more garbage bins but doesn't need a food waste bin.

Do you run a business like Martin? Click here for more info

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Online workshop discussions - now complete

In late February and early March we hosted online workshop discussions to explore the issues and opportunities for our waste service in more depth.

These workshops are now complete. Thank you to all those who participated.

All feedback as been recorded and will be analysed alongside survey responses, emails and phone calls to inform our reporting.

Are you a school, early years centre, community group or not-for-profit organisation?

We are trying to better understand the needs of schools, early years centres, community groups and not-for-profit organisations to determine how we might be able to support you in the future, either through our standard waste service (by paying the waste charge), Commercial Plus fee-for-service offering or through advocacy.

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Moreland City Council Garbage Truck

Reducing our waste, improving our service

The management of waste and recycling is one of our most pressing environmental and social challenges. It is a service we all rely on every day. The sector is undergoing significant change due to shifts in domestic and global markets, new government policies and community expectations about what happens to the waste we generate.

Early last year, the Victorian Government announced that all local council waste services will transition to a four-bin service to reduce waste to landfill, improve the quality of recyclables and have a system that we can rely on. The four bins will separate:

  • garbage (red lid)
  • recycling (yellow lid)
  • food and garden organics (FOGO) (light green lid)
  • glass (purple lid)

We have already expanded our optional green waste service to provide food and garden organic (FOGO) collections to reduce the harmful environmental impacts of organic waste ending up in landfill. With the organics service beginning in July 2019, Moreland residents diverted 11,928 tonnes of food and garden waste from landfill last financial year, nearly 4,000 tonnes more than the previous year.

For more information on our waste service and why change is needed, explore the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and fact sheets on this page, or ask us a question below.

What will the changes look like?

We are looking at changes that will impact how often we collect your bins, their size and cost, including:

  • The size of your bins and how often they are picked up
  • Options for residents who do not have space for a glass bin
  • How we deliver hard waste collections
  • What we deliver to non-residential properties, such as schools and charities
  • How we support people with concessions or who have extra needs.

The changes won't be introduced until at least 2022. We do not know how this change will work or what it will look like yet. This is where you can help us design how the four-bin service will work best for our community.

What have we heard so far?

We undertook the first stage of consultation (July – August 2020) to understand what you think of our current waste services. We also gathered your thoughts on the introduction of a fourth bin or service for glass recycling.

We received over 436 survey responses and 149 ideas on how the changes might affect your households and our community. You can read these ideas under the "Share your thoughts" tab at the bottom of this page.

We have prepared a summary of your feedback. This summary outlines some of the key themes we heard from you about what is working well, what could be improved and what your big ideas are.

We also undertook social research to further understand how a four-bin service would impact on specific groups in our community. You can read a summary of the key findings here.

How can you have your say?

We have prepared a Conversation Starter Kit that outlines the options we have created for how our waste service could be changed, and how people with different needs can continue to be supported.

We want to help you understand the need for change. You can read about why we have proposed certain options and the pros and cons of each, including cost, environmental and community impacts, in our Conversation Starter Kit.

Then tell us your thoughts about these options by completing our survey.

Have your say on:

  • Food and garden organics (FOGO) and garbage bins
  • Recycling and glass bins
  • Hard waste service
  • Waste charges and concessions for non-residential uses

Return to the top of the page to read the Conversation Starter Kit and complete our survey.

You can also see how the different options look on your kerbside and explore how they compare to our preferred option by clicking below.

Your feedback will help us draft a new Kerbside Waste Services and Charges Policy which will set out how often we pick up your bins and how much this costs you. We will then come back and present the draft policy in mid-2021 for further feedback.

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Project Updates


Share your thoughts

Share your thoughts

In the first stage of consultation in July-August 2020, we asked you how you thought these changes might affect your household. Hearing about your experiences helps us to understand how we can improve our waste services for everyone in Moreland.

You can read people's thoughts and ideas below.

How do you think these changes might affect you and your household? What do we need to think about when we’re planning for these changes in Moreland?

21 August, 2020

ianmacca says:

“95% of our food products are packaged in plastic. Glass drop of points at shopping centres instead of another truck polluting our suburbs.”

21 August, 2020

Victoryaddicks says:

“Continue weekly landfill.”

20 August, 2020

magpies67 says:

“The challenge will be lack of space to place 4 bins especially for residence living in apartment blocks. Education our community ”

20 August, 2020

lauren_doherty says:

“Make the recycling of e-waste more accessible. Placing it out during hard rubbish ends in a mess and in the same truck as everything else. ”

19 August, 2020

cbriton says:

“It would be good to have common collection points for both glass and soft plastics, and more clarification about 'what goes where.'”

18 August, 2020

Hannahif says:

“consider an appliance repair stations that the council pays people to use to reduce the applicance/household items going to landfill ”

18 August, 2020

Derpi says:

“I think there needs to be something better for clothing thay can't be donated other than the rubbish bin where it can be reused. ”

18 August, 2020

Carmel50 says:

“There is limited nature strip access for 3 bins now with more cars parked on streets due to Council approved minimum parking developments.”

18 August, 2020

Craigl says:

“Hi. Could we move to weekly green waste collections? The move to include food waste is great but I don’t have enough green bin space. Thanks”

17 August, 2020

Rosina says:

“I think it's great that we're moving to a four bin system. Fortnightly rubbish and weekly food and garden waste collection would be the best”

17 August, 2020

MrsPeach says:

“I agree a split bin would be much better as the space it would take up in the smaller blocks would be a lot!”

17 August, 2020

alex_neill says:

“Great idea! But FOUR bins is a big ask. My family are from the Northern Rivers and they have one recycling bin with a divider.”

16 August, 2020

Marita says:

“Not everyone has glass to put out weekly. I don't drink alcohol or buy sauces in jars as I make my own. Would take me many months to fill.”

16 August, 2020

JFR says:

“Recycling of glass, cardboard, paper, is clear, but it is the variety of plastics that is the issue. ”

15 August, 2020

lizzym says:

“Where all the bins will fit on subdivided properties. ”

14 August, 2020

awalker says:

“We are big on recycling, have own compost & minimal rubbish. Worried for neighbours habits. Think education is needed if more bins provided”

14 August, 2020

Laurenfsamuel says:

“Great to add an extra bin though soft plastics are thrown out in our house much more than glass. we need more education on correct recycling”

14 August, 2020

katie_daley says:

“I think it will be supremely helpful and I support it. Anything that helps us reduce landfill waste.”

14 August, 2020

MOS says:

“A number of waste disposal needs would remain unmet (other than via the tip). Including soft plastics, used batteries, e-waste, paint...”

13 August, 2020

Phocking says:

“Having a separate bin for soft plastics. Or more places to drop them. ”

13 August, 2020

giorgia says:

“Buyback model to recycle cans, plastic and glass bottles. More community gardens and worm farms in every suburb to process organic waste. ”

13 August, 2020

Talia says:

“It would be great if apartment blocks with private waste were required to have green bins and separated recycling too”

13 August, 2020

trash says:

“I visited Sicily 3 years ago in a village of 3000 population. They have a system similar to what Moreland is proposing. We are way behind.”

12 August, 2020

Rosacarbone says:

“We really can’t store anymore bins. Can you look at communal areas/local parks acting as collection points.”

12 August, 2020

ReduceWaste says:

“Why not a five bin system, with paper and cardboard separated from plastics and metals, like in Berlin? Communal glass bins work in London.”

12 August, 2020

ReduceWaste says:

“Container deposits are great when convenient, like the German system of returning glass and plassic bottles and aluminium cans to a machine.”

12 August, 2020

Jars says:

“We need to maintain weekly collection of waste. I am happy to stagger the recycling collection.”

12 August, 2020

amy_alexander says:

“Glass, plastic and can recycle deposits scheme is a better idea to 4 bins. ”

12 August, 2020

amy_alexander says:

“The idea is wonderful but isn't practical. A Scandinavian waste management way would be a better adoption. ”

12 August, 2020

gregrickard says:

“No space for 4 bins in most villa units. Not enough kerbside space for 16 bins from 4 units in my complex. No space for 4 communal bins. ”

12 August, 2020

Kathryn says:

“A street collection point for glass would be much more preferable to yet another bin hazard in a small street. Please no extra bin! No room ”

12 August, 2020

Kathryn says:

“I havent space for another bin, dont want to pay for one, and will never fill one. Theres no room on the street for another set of bin chaos”

12 August, 2020

chrismiddz says:

“Need a soft plastics bin or drop of point. Don't have lots of glass so bin will be a quite empty. Better plastics recycling. Drop off points”

12 August, 2020

rick_clarke says:

“Our recent townhouse already doesn't have suitable bin storage. Planning decisions made now must provide for adequate storage for four bins.”

12 August, 2020

vaitkin says:

“What are Council's costs to dispose of waste collected and how much does it receive for selling recyclable waste and from bin provision.”

12 August, 2020

TonyP says:

“More frequent green waste collection”