Melissa walking out of her apartment building drinking a coffee

As a ratepayer, Melissa will pay the waste charge, however as a resident of a multi-unit dwelling with more than four units, Melissa will share bins with her neighbours. Council will work with Melissa’s apartment complex to determine the most appropriate mix of bins and sizes for each of the four waste streams. Melissa, and all the residents in her apartment building, will pay a reduced waste charge for using shared bins.

Each household in Melissa’s apartment building will be able to book up to 2 hard waste collections each year, however we may work with the Owners Corporation to let others in the building know when someone else has booked a hard waste collection, so that we can collect the hard waste at the same time.

We will also work with Melissa and her neighbours to support them to separate their waste appropriately and reduce contamination in their bins.

If Melissa’s apartment block doesn’t have room for glass bins, residents may be able to take glass recycling to designated drop-off points.

Do you live in an apartment like Melissa or a flat, unit or townhouse?
Is there something else that your household needs that we should consider?