Martina placing a bag on a table next to a computer screen and small plant

Martina would pay the waste charge through her Council rates and is entitled to the same standard service as residential properties. If Martina has a safe place outside her shop that does not obstruct the footpath and can be safely picked up by a collection truck, she also has access to 2 booked hard waste collections.

To help with the extra cardboard recycling, Martina may wish to increase her recycling capacity. She could also consider increasing her garbage capacity if her business needs it. Both services have a maximum capacity of 360 litres. Increasing the capacity of either of these services will result in an increase in her waste charge. Martina may also choose not to have a food and garden organics (FOGO) bin, as her business does not create food waste.

If the proposed standard service cannot meet the demand of Martina’s business, she may choose to use Council’s Commercial Plus fee-for-service and pay for more bins. Otherwise she will need to use a private waste contractor.

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