Mahmoud with his partner and elderly parents

As a ratepayer, Mahmoud will pay the waste charge based on the size of his bins.

Mahmoud may be eligible for a large family concession as he lives with five dependants that he and his wife care for. If eligible, this would give Max a larger garbage bin for no extra cost.

Mahmoud may also choose to pay for a larger 240 litre food and garden organics (FOGO) bin to help manage his family’s food and garden waste. If Mahmoud’s family created lots of recycling, he may choose to pay for an extra 120 litre recycling bin, increasing his recycling capacity to 360 litres.

When the State Government’s Container Deposit Scheme (“cash for cans”) is introduced, which will accept plastic, glass and aluminium drink containers, Mahmoud may find his family doesn’t need a larger recycling bin.

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