Community Consultation Closed

Project update

The third and final round of community consultation for this project closed on Sunday 5th September.

Thank you to everyone for providing feedback on the proposed changes to our waste service. We are now analysing you feedback and will update you on what we have heard.

You feedback will help us finalise our Kerbside Waste Service and Charge Policy which will set out how often we pick up your bins, how we deliver hard waste collections and how you are charged for the service. The final policy will be presented to Council in late 2021 for endorsement.

You can find our more about the project, why our waste service is changing and how we have consulted so far by exploring the Frequently Asked Questions, Fact Sheets and Document Library on this webpage.

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We will continue to work with our Waste Champions as we roll out the changes once the final options are decided.

Our proposed waste service

We have been consulting on proposed changes to our waste service.

The Victorian Government announced that all councils must move to a 4-bin service, separating garbage, food and garden organics (FOGO), recycling and glass. These changes will help reduce waste sent to landfill and improve the quality of our recycling.

From late 2022, we will start making changes that will affect how often we collect your bins, their number and size. The changes could also affect how your hard waste is collected and how ratepayers are charged for the service.

We shared our proposed waste service and draft Kerbside Waste Service and Charge Policy in August and September 2021 and asked for your feedback.

Our proposed service reflects the most preferred options of those we presented in February and March this year. It is also offers the best long-term cost benefits and diverts the most waste from landfill. You can learn more about the our proposed service in our 'Explainer Document' or by viewing the video below.

Acting Mayor Cr. Mark Riley explains the proposed service

Frequently Asked Questions about the proposed service

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) cover what the proposed service is, why it was chosen, community concerns, service options for those who need them and the waste charge. Please refer to the Explainer Document and Fact Sheets for more information.

Stage 3 Community Consultation

In August and September 2021 we invited community feedback on our proposed waste service outlined in our draft Kerbside Waste Service and Charge Policy.

We want sought feedback from the Moreland community on the proposed service changes, anything that we missed and whether people thought the proposed service is reasonable for the future of Moreland.

We invited the community to get involved in the following ways:

  • Survey for households

    We wanted to hear from people who live or own a property in Moreland on what the proposed waste changes mean for living in Moreland.

    Thank you to all those that completed our online or hard copy survey.

  • Survey for businesses

    We wanted to hear from business owners and employees on what the proposed waste changes meant for businesses in Moreland.

    Thank you to all those who completed our dedicated survey for businesses.

  • Online workshop discussions

    In late August and early September we hosted online workshop discussions to explore the issues and opportunities for our proposed waste service in more depth.

    Thank you to all those who participated.

  • Community phone drop-in session​s

    We held drop-in phone sessions where community members could speak directly to the project team about our proposed changes to the waste service.

    Thank you to all those who called in to speak to us.

Earlier Stages of Community Consultation

Over the last 12 months, we have been talking to the Moreland community about their kerbside waste and recycling services. You can read summaries of what we have heard so far in Stage 1 consultation and Stage 2 consultation in the Document Library on this website, or click on the button below to find out more about how we have consulted and what we've heard so far.

What might the proposed changes mean for you?

We heard about the needs of different households across Moreland. Explore how the proposed changes might affect different households and the service options available for those who need them by clicking on the 'personas' below.
max holding a child on his shoulder and a pram


has young children in nappies

We have a two-year old, and a newborn baby. We generate a lot of nappy waste and I’m worried about the smell.

Click here to read more about Max

Mahmoud with his wife and elderly parents


has a large family

I live with my partner, three children and my elderly parents. My wife is a full time stay at home carer.

Click here to read more about Mahmoud

Milo standing with his partner


lives in a small household

My partner and I don’t create that much waste with just the two of us at home.

Click here to read more about Milo

Mackenzie, her partner, two children and compost


and her family are a low waste household

We actively try to avoid creating waste where possible and have a compost bin for food scraps.

Click here to read more about Mackenzie

Melissa walking out of her apartment building


lives in an apartment

Our building has 16 apartments. We don’t have much room to store bins in our common area.

Click here to read more about Melissa

Mick standing and waving next to his big bin


is an older person on a pension

I’ve been living here for 40 years. I’m on a pension and need help moving the big bins.

Click here to read more about Mick

Mario sitting in his wheelchair


has a medical condition that generates extra waste

I have disability and a medical condition that generates extra waste, so our garbage bin can fill up quickly

Click here to read more about Mario

Maddy with two housemates and a plant


lives in a rental property with housemates

Between the 4 of us, our recycling and FOGO bins fill up quickly. The previous tenants left some rubbish behind

Click to read more about Maddy

Martina placing a bag on a table next to a monitor


is a business owner

My business uses Council’s waste service. With more online orders during Covid, we have more packaging waste

Click here to read more about Martina

Mei checking her letterbox


lives in a unit that uses private waste contractor

I've just replaced my dishwasher and TV. I want to get rid of my old one as I don’t have room to store them

Click here to read more about Mei

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