Making our streets safer

New shared zones in Brunswick East will make it easier for people to access Fleming Park and will make the streets safer for locals by reducing the amount of through traffic through residential streets, while still allowing vehicle access for anybody who needs it.

A shared zones trial using pop up material

We are conducting a trial of shared zones using "pop up” materials on Albert Street and Victoria Street, Brunswick East. near where the shared path runs through Fleming Park. The length of the shared zones is approximately 120 metres on Albert Street and 80 metres on Victoria Street.

A response to the pandemic

This project was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to quickly improve opportunities for the community to walk and cycle in Moreland as our transport needs changed in response to the pandemic. Because of this approach, we are getting feedback from the community during the trial. This is different to our usual practice of hearing from the community before a project is implemented.

How we've responded to community feedback so far

  • Three new lights have been installed in Fleming Park to upgrade visibility of the shared zone entry points and key crossing locations.
  • The location of the tree planter on Hutchinson Street has been moved closer to the kerb to make it easier for vehicles to negotiate the intersection with Albert Street (but still retaining the tree as an entry treatment).
  • Two new public seats have been installed, one in John Street and one in Victoria Street. The seat in Victoria Street is currently under review based on feedback.
  • To assist with short term drop off and loading activity, a 1/2P parking bay will be introduced in John St within the shared zone alongside the laundry.
  • Large advance warning signage has been erected on all road approaches to the shared zone. The signs advise approaching drivers of the shared zone trial ahead as well as the 20km/h speed limit for the shared zone.
  • To help pedestrians and cyclists navigate and understand the shared road space, we will also be installing new project information signage at key entry points from Fleming park, as well as at John St and Elesbury Parade.