Bicycle lane trials

We’re trialling ways to make it easier and safer for our Moreland community to walk and cycle around their local neighbourhood

These trials allow us to gather community feedback, research effectiveness, and optimise our long-term plans for improving road and cycling safety in Moreland.

This commitment is strongly supported by the Council Plan and State Government commitments such as the Victorian Cycling Strategy.

Trial separated bike lanes Kent Road, Pascoe Vale

In June 2021, we installed trial separated bicycle lanes in Kent Road as well as other sites in Pascoe Vale to create the "Coburg to Glenroy Bicycle Link". This is a low-stress cycling route, suitable for cyclists of all confidence levels, that safely and effectively connects to shops, schools, open space and community facilities.

At a Council Meeting in September 2021, Council resolved to explore more design options for the Kent Road, Pascoe Vale Trial Bike Lane project in consultation with the community.

In order to optimise the Kent Road bike path for our community’s needs, we engaged an independent community engagement specialist, Max Hardy Consulting. Over a 2-month period, the community were provided with a range of opportunities provide feedback on 6 possible design options. This included:

  • A webinar to discuss the different design options.
  • A survey to gauge community sentiment about the design options.
  • A Community Review Panel process

This engagement has now concluded, and the findings are to be presented at the Council meeting on Wednesday March 9 2022.

Background Information booklet

This booklet contains information about 6 options for the future of Kent Road trial separated bike path.
PDF (3.85 MB)
PDF (5.01 MB)
PDF (4.18 MB)

View our public webinar

We held a public webinar on the Kent Road separated bike lane project held on Thursday 28 October.

The webinar was an hour-long discussion facilitated by an independent consultant. We presented on the project background, rationale, the 6 potential design options and the new engagement program. Watch the webinar recording below.