Separated bicycle lane trial - Dawson Street, Brunswick

One of the ways we are trialling improvements to cycling and road safety is by introducing separated bicycle lanes on Dawson Street, Brunswick between the two existing cycling routes, the Upfield Shared Path and the West Brunswick Shimmy.

The new trial separated bicycle lane in Dawson Street connects the Upfield shared path with the West Brunswick Shimmy, and makes it easier for students to cycle to Brunswick Secondary College.

The West Brunswick Shimmy is a “low stress” cycling route that is suitable for less confident cyclists and runs from Royal Park up through backstreets such as Barry Street and up to Coburg through Gilpin Park.

The trial separated bicycle lanes in Dawson Street, Brunswick are installed between the Upfield Railway Line and Barry Street (approximately 540 metres).

Opportunities to have your say

These projects are being delivered as trials and using materials that can be modified or removed depending on the outcomes of the trials, which are expected to run up to twelve months.

We want to hear from our local community, to better understand how the trial is working within the local environment, and to gather feedback about your experiences, concerns and ideas for improvement.

We thank our community for the many contributions to our discussion board. We’ve recorded your feedback and we are taking some time to analyse this information. We are using this to inform our next phases of engagement and to evaluate any further necessary adjustments to the projects.

Your feedback will help us to monitor the trials and make adjustments or improvements before any permanent decisions are made.

How we've responded to community feedback so far

  • Bollards have been installed in front of RMIT University as ongoing utilities works require them to be removed intermittently. This was not part of the initial design however it has been informative to trial a differ barrier option. Once the utility works are complete we will consider if the treatment needs to be changed (to match the other section of Dawson Street).
  • The island in front of the Dawson Street Children's Co-operative has been relocated 30cm closer to the footpath. This creates a wider parking bay (2.4m) to provide additional space for people getting children in and out of the childcare. The bicycle lane has been reduced to 1.5m at this location and linemarking has been installed.
Dawson Street - Separated bicycle lanes trial - site map

Dawson Street - Separated bicycle lanes trial - site map

Dawson Street - Separated bicycle lanes trial- cross section

Dawson Street - Separated bicycle lanes trial- cross section