New bike lanes and shared zones in Moreland

We’re trialling new ways to make it easier for our Moreland community to get around local neighbourhoods by walking and cycling, especially in the covid environment.

During the Victorian Covid-19 pandemic, an increase in people using local walking tracks and cycling paths, alongside reduced public transport capacity, prompted the Council to invest an additional $1.68 million in transport improvements in the 20/21 budget.

As our city fluctuates between levels of covid restrictions, it’s more important than ever we continue to embrace ways to keep our city actively moving with safety and ease.

A Council survey conducted in September 2020 during COVID-19 restrictions showed 45% of respondents agreed their use of Council walking tracks and cycling paths would likely increase when restrictions eased.

Another study conducted by Monash University and VicHealth showed 83% of respondents living in Moreland were classified as 'interested in cycling but concerned' and likely to ride a bike more often if separated bicycle paths were provided.

What we’re doing

We’re responding to these patterns by making it safer and more convenient for pedestrians, including people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids and cyclists to move around Moreland.

This means there is more space on the roads and in car parks for those who need to drive, and more space on public transport for those who rely on it.

The projects linked on this page are part of a larger suite of pedestrian and cycling improvements being pursued around Moreland, including new zebra crossings, pedestrian thresholds, bicycle lanes, shared zones, reduced speeds on residential streets, and turn bans at key intersections on tram corridors.

Creating walkable and bikeable neighbourhoods encourages healthy and active lifestyles, builds community connections, promotes overall health and wellbeing in our community and supports local businesses through improved access to local amenities. It’s also great for the environment and can significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

We want to:

  • Encourage local trips to jobs, services and facilities by walking and cycling.
  • Make cycling safe, comfortable (especially for those less confident) and a preferred mode of travel in Moreland.
  • Establish high-quality pedestrian routes and places that are safe, comfortable and accessible.
  • Create efficient routes that will cater to social distancing requirements.
  • Avoid a significant increase in congestion on our roads as COVID-19 restrictions ease

Listening to our community

These projects are being delivered as trials and using materials that can be modified or removed depending on the outcomes of the trials, which are expected to run up to twelve months.

We are inviting you to share your feedback and experiences of walking and cycling in Moreland using our new separated bike lanes and shared zones.

Your feedback will help us to monitor the trials and make adjustments or improvements before any permanent decisions are made.

Walk or hop on a bike to travel locally via our new improvements and explore all Moreland has to offer!


16 July We thank you for the many contributions to this discussion. The discussion board is now closed. We will take some time to evaluate and summarise community feedback received and we will publish feedback reports to this page in the coming weeks. The feedback captured here will be used to inform the next phase of engagement and in continually evaluating, and making necessary adjustments to, the trials.
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