We'll be bringing some of Moreland's most iconic art murals to life over the coming months using augmented reality technology as part of the SmartARt Moreland Project.

Augmented reality uses computer technology to superimpose sensory effects onto objects in the real world.

SmartARt Moreland is a collaboration between Moreland City Council and local artists that uses the Eyejack phone application to augment ten local art murals. Residents can visit any of the ten murals, launch the Eyejack application on their phone, point their camera at the mural, and watch the artwork come to life!

Augmented art will include murals by Felicity Waters, Tom Gerrard, Tom Civil, Hayden Dewar, Buff Diss, Loretta Lizzo and Fin DAC.

Discover the first round of Augmented Reality murals in the laneways around Bonwick Street in Fawkner now! See the maps below for details.

You can also follow this page to discover the locations of augmented art murals coming soon!

Don't forget to share your SmartARt Moreland photos and videos on Social media using #SmartARtMoreland

Mural Locations

If you have any questions please contact our Virtual Moreland Officer: virtual_moreland@moreland.vic.gov.au