Protecting the trees that make our suburbs special

We are working to protect significant trees that are are located on private property in Moreland. These significant trees are part of the existing mature tree canopy within Moreland that contributes to making Moreland a great place.

We understand the need to protect mature canopy vegetation to assist with addressing climate change and the urban heat island effect. We know that it is not enough to just plant small replacement trees that will take decades to grow and create much needed shade.

What we're doing

We're working with a team of professional arborists to visit and assess over 700 sites on private land that contain trees that might be significant. These trees have have been identified by our Open Space Unit as well as almost 120 nominations received from the community.

What makes a tree significant?

A number of things can make a tree significant, including scientific, social, historic or aesthetic reasons. The following list comes from the National Trust information about significant tree protection.


  • Horticultural or genetic value
  • Important source of seed or propagating stock
  • Particularly resistant to disease or exposure
  • Species or variety that is rare or of a very localised distribution
  • Particularly old or venerable
  • Remnant native vegetation
  • Outstanding for its height, trunk circumference or canopy spread
  • An outstanding example of the species


  • Unique location or context
  • Contribution to landscape
  • Associated with Aboriginal activities
  • Important landmark
  • Spiritual and religious associations
  • Contemporary association with the community


  • Forms part of an historic park, garden or town
  • Commemorates an occasion e.g. memorial or ceremonial plantings such as Avenue of Honour
  • Associated with an important event
  • Associated with an important person, group or institution


  • A really great looking tree
  • Exhibits curious growth form or unusual physical features whether naturally occurring, resultingfrom natural events or human intervention
  • Is a better than an average example of its species, or in its particular location