Public participation is all about involving communities in the matters that impact and interest them. Talking with our community is the best way to ensure that our projects and services meet community needs and deliver quality results.

We're developing a new Community Engagement Policy that will outline our commitment to public participation and how we work with our community to inform our decision making. We are also preparing a Community Engagement Portfolio Implementation Plan that will help us deliver on our new Community Engagement Policy over future years.

Between August and September this year, we held conversations with our community to find out what's important to them. We asked our community how they want to be involved in decision making, and what might encourage or prevent them from talking with us.

At the moment we are writing up a report that summarises the outcomes of conversations held with our community. This report will inform the development of a first draft of Moreland's new Community Engagement Policy.

We will release the report on the outcomes of our community engagement process soon!