Access to public open space is more important than ever. Moreland City Council is working hard to preserve and enhance existing open space, while also creating new parks in areas that need them most.

In 2017, Moreland City Council endorsed the ambitious Park Close to Home framework, a strategic plan to fill open space gaps by creating new parks across Moreland.

This plan has seen acquisition of land to create new parks in 6 locations, one being at number 14 Frith Street Brunswick. Join the conversation about this exciting new park!

Update: 30 April 2021 - a fresh plan for your new park

Thanks for all your feedback on the draft concept design, our team at Moreland have revised the design in response to your suggestions. Key changes we have made include:

  • Doubled the amount of green space (garden bed and lawn areas) from 730m² to 1,520m²
  • Included more trees (increase from 38 trees to 49 trees)
  • Reduced the amount of hard surfaces
  • Greater use of indigenous species
  • More trees planted in the ground, less trees in pots
  • Designated spaces for active uses including basketball, ping-pong and a bouldering wall
  • Introduction of a custom metal walkway in response to the sites foundry heritage
  • Inclusion of foundry themed water play
  • Added a shelter over the BBQ & picnic tables
  • Included a custom toilet building for park users

The revised concept plan, shown below, is available to view from the Document Library at right.

Frith Street revised concept plan showing changes to draft plan

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