About the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

We're developing a new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan for Moreland and calling on our community to provide input.

A Disability Access and Inclusion Plan is a document that outlines Council's commitment to removing barriers and improving accessibility in the city over the next four years. This document is reviewed and redeveloped every four years through community engagement.

Our conversations so far

From July to August 2021 we talked with our community and stakeholders to identify ways to improve access and inclusion in Moreland.

We sought feedback from:

  • people with disability
  • their families
  • carers
  • service providers
  • advocates
  • the arts, business and sports communities
  • anyone with an interest in the human rights of people with disability in Moreland.

We wanted to hear about accessibility in Moreland, and asked respondents to complete a short survey.

What did we do with this feedback?

Here is a summary of the feedback we have received that informed the development of the draft plan.

These responses informed a Draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2022-2025 that we are now ready to share with the community.

You can find out more about the next step in the consultation process on our main project page.