Moreland is undergoing rapid change as a growing number of people choose to make Moreland their home. This growth requires us to consider ways we can improve the quality and liveability of medium and high-density development. In response, we're trialing a new initiative, called the Design Excellence Scorecard.

What is the Design Excellence Scorecard?

The Moreland Design Excellence Scorecard is a tool that establishes a benchmark and defines design excellence in the City of Moreland.

It seeks to improve the design quality and liveability of medium and high-density development above the standard requirements of the Moreland Planning Scheme.

There are two Scorecards, one for townhouse/multi-unit developments and one for apartment developments.

The Scorecard focuses on the enhancement of four key areas:

1. Building design and materials;

2. Environmentally Sustainable Design and building performance;

3. Building accessibility; and

4. Community benefit.

As part of the trial of the Scorecard, it is proposed that planning applications that meet the requirements of the Planning Scheme as well as the Design Excellence Scorecard should be approved by Council officers without the need of a decision via a Council Meeting. This process is proposed as a way of encouraging developers to go beyond the current Planning Scheme requirements to provide higher quality development design outcomes in Moreland. Planning applications that meet the Scorecard will still be subject to public notification and community consultation requirements as per all normal planning applications.

We want to hear from you

As part of the Trial period, we are seeking feedback from the community about the Scorecard and our proposal that planning applications that address Planning Scheme requirements as well as the requirements of the Scorecard bypass the Council meeting process.

You are invited to provide feedback about this via the survey below or you can attend a Scorecard Information & Feedback Session that will be hosted via Zoom.