MoreArt returns

Moreland City Council’s public art festival, MoreArt, returns in 2022, with “Evidence of Life: MoreArt 2022”.

The festival welcomes us back to public spaces with three evolving exhibitions , beginning in March 2022.

Featuring works by local artists:

  • Exhibition 1 - The LAST Collective - 11 March-29 April - Upfield Bike Path from Moreland to Coburg Stations
  • Exhibition 2 - Joseph L Griffiths - 30 April-3 June - Renown St Reserve, North Coburg
  • Exhibition 3 - Prue & Honey - 3 June-9 July - Public spaces near Coburg Station

MoreArt 2022 invites us to reset our relationship with public spaces after a turbulent two years, and reconnect with community through art and performance.

All exhibits are FREE to visit.

Current Exhibition

Exhibition 2 - Joseph L Griffiths - now live

Exhibition in Renown St Reserve, North Coburg:

Joseph. L. Griffiths’ new commission as part of Evidence of Life: MoreArt 2022 draws attention to the ways that water has brought people together throughout history. Whether through ancient communal baths, gathering water from wells, or congregating at fountains, water has always been the medium that connects us.

Water also flows beneath our cities, connecting city with suburb and drain to ocean. For MoreArt 2022, Griffiths has created a sculpture that will indicate the presence of a creek beneath the Renown Street park. The creek’s location will be marked with an ‘X’ shaped mist fountain that will run for five minutes every half hour between April 30 and June 3. This work reminds us of the importance of water, that flows beneath our city streets, reflecting on its role within Melbourne’s geological and indigenous histories.

As artist Joseph Griffiths states; “I am interested to explore how fountains can draw attention to the unseen watercourses which bisect and flank the Upfield Bike path. This includes the Merlynston/Campbellfield Creek system, which runs as a concrete channel adjacent to the bike path north of Box Forest Road (Fawkner/Gowrie) and bisects the path downstream as an underground pipe through the easement reserve at 34 Renown Street. The mist work points to the layered ecologies and infrastructures which entangle this larger area. The work also builds on the fountain's ancient role as a communal water source, and meeting place to create sculptural spaces to physically access water, and/or signify its absence.”

You can also learn more about Joseph. L Griffiths' extraordinary work here at his website

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Details of the other exhibitions

Light and Air and Space and Time Collective, Composition with Air and Space (Beach Ball), 2020, performance still. Performers: Beth Arnold and Melanie Irwin. Photo: Clare Rae.

LAST Collective will be creating a series of interventions for the Moreland community. The project will explore the relationship between sculpture and the body through inquisitive and playful actions. These will include improvised performances, and sculptural, photographic and video installations. Each moment is designed to create surprise, joy or connection in public spaces.

As well as exhibiting a changing suite of photographic paste ups along the Upfield Bike Path, the LAST Collective will also be presenting a series of improvised performances and activations between Moreland and Coburg Stations.

These improvised performances and activations will occur at various locations along the Bike Path between Moreland and Coburg Stations:

Saturday, 19 March, 10-1pm

Saturday 2 April, 12-4pm

Saturday 23 April, 12-4pm

The artists will also be presenting The Moreland ‘Low-Line’ Event.

Saturday 9 April, 12-4pm

As part of the LAST Collective’s participation in MoreArt 2022, they will present a special one-day performance/art intervention featuring a number of Naarm/Melbourne-based artists and performers who will stage improvised/performance works along the newly formed civic space between Moreland and Coburg Stations. During the afternoon of Saturday 9 April, visitors to the space will be able to wander along the footpath between the stations (about 1.3 km) and experience a variety of creative performances and interventions presented by a diverse mix of local contemporary artists at different locations along the path. Artworks will incorporate movement, dance, spoken word, objects, text and more.

Rock form, archival pigment print, 107cm x 72cm, 2018

This collaborative duo will create a new interactive sculptural and photographic work that establishes a secret space. The sculpture is constructed entirely from large scale photographic prints that explore the body as both an interior and exterior space, and will be activated throughout the exhibition with dance performances and projection works.

3 June – 9 July

Public spaces near Coburg Station