The Merri Creek Trail is a busy and much-loved open space where many community members enjoy spending time.

We want to make the Merri Creek area safer and more accessible. A place where you feel safe and welcome to spend time with friends and family – or on your own.

A big thank you goes to all of the community members who took the time to share their thoughts and feelings about safety along Merri Creek.

We received over 900 contributions from our online survey and our interactive map, an amazing result! This fantastic response made it very clear that our community has a strong interest in working together to develop positive actions towards safety in public spaces just like Merri Creek.

We have collected all of your responses and comments, and with the help of Monash University’s XYX Gender + Place have developed a number of recommendations that will be presented to Council over the next few months.

Some of the key things you shared with us:

  • You love that Merri Creek provides a space close to nature and a place for exercise
  • Many of you also use it for leisure activities such as picnics, dog walking, playing and bird watching.
  • Many respondents enjoyed walking their dogs and meeting and chatting with other dog walkers in the Coburg Merri Creek area.
  • It’s a way to avoid busy streets
  • Joe’s Garden near Harding Street is a very popular space and the events and activities held here are important to bring community
  • It’s important to you that the natural qualities of the area are protected
  • You think community safety education across the community is important, particularly around attitudes and behaviour towards women
  • When it comes to feeling safe, it’s important to you that Merri Creek feels welcoming and accommodating. This includes things like litter, responsible dog, wayfinding signage and connections to surrounding streets.

What happens now?

When it comes to making open spaces like Merri Creek safe and welcoming, there are many different elements.

We’re developing a list of actions that we can implement in the near future to achieve this feeling of pride and safety in this much loved natural space.

Some of the things we’re looking into include:

  • Looking at the potential for more connecting paths to nearby streets along the creek
  • Lighting
  • Enhancing the natural attributes that make Merri Creek a great place, including adding things like benches
  • The possibility of hosting more community events along the creek
  • Possibility of new creek crossings

We’ll be providing more updates on how this project is progressing in around March 2021.

If you have a query about Merri Creek and our other open spaces across Moreland, contact us on 9240 1111.