How do we best manage resources to deliver great services and facilities?

Good governance and a strong democracy are vital for a healthy society. A city has good governance and democracy when its leaders and institutions are responsible, transparent and accountable.

By imagining the future of democracy and governance in Moreland, we are asking you to consider the decision-making processes Council uses, and how it values community opinions in these decisions.

Part of good governance is managing Council’s assets and finances responsibly. Council has to make sure its finances are able to cover the delivery of essential council services and also maintain its existing infrastructure. This includes home care, libraries, waste collection, recycling, recreational facilities, community centres and parks.

For more detailed information on this topic, please refer to the topic paper on this page.

Key Issues

Opportunities in this space might include:

  • Implement the Local Government Act, which sets clear standards the community can hold local government accountable to. It has a strong emphasis on local government working with community.
  • Building community trust and confidence in Council’s role and leadership, even when the community might not always be happy with the decision.
  • Use deliberative engagement processes to help the community understand the complexities and realities in relation to Council’s budget, financial and asset management.
  • Openly discuss any tensions and trade-offs when there are differing views on how to manage, prioritise and allocate resources.
  • Build a strong civic society, where citizens advocate for their own needs and interests, and have a deeper understanding of the functions of council.
  • Improving customer service and the community experience of Council
  • Implement the new Community Engagement Policy.

Challenges in this space might include:

  • Council decisions are made (and services delivered) in accordance with legislation that is made by the State and Federal Governments.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has put strain on Council’s resources. Council needs to respond to the community’s immediate needs and channel resources towards recovery.
  • Rate capping reduces the amount of budget available to invest in future projects.
  • The speed and extend of climate change is a significant risk to financial sustainability and the ability to facilitate community wellbeing and resilience, deliver services, and sustain physical assets.
  • Some Moreland residents are disempowered due to unemployment, lack of accessible information, homelessness, addiction, mental and physical health challenges, which can create barriers to participation.

How do we best manage resources to deliver great services and facilities?

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