Help us plan the next four-year Council Plan for Moreland!

As part of the Imagine Moreland Engagement Program we are seeking community input to inform the Council Plan.

The Council Plan is a four-year strategic plan describing the priority issues, objectives and actions for Moreland between 2021 and 2025. The Council Plan is informed by the longer-term Community Vision and reflects the outcome of stakeholder and community engagement. The Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan is also integrated with the Council Plan and outlines ways to address health and wellbeing priorities for Moreland.

During February and March we called on community views to inform the new Council Plan. This stage of engagement has now closed.

In the next stage of this project we will carry out further engagement on the Council Plan through a community panel process to be held between April and June 2021.

Key issues in Moreland

These are the key issues in Moreland that we’d like you to think about. These issues are presented as topics that will help us make decisions about what we need to include in the Community Vision. Click each topic to read more.