How should Moreland address climate change?

Climate change threatens Moreland’s people, plants and animals. To ensure a safe and healthy future, we need governments and communities to do what we can to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

We need to prepare our community, homes, workplaces and city infrastructure now for the warmer climate and wilder weather to come.

We are also responsible for protecting Moreland’ native plants and animals. And we want to make sure our community has local access to green spaces.

Council, residents, schools and local businesses can work together to achieve these goals.

For more detailed information on this topic, please refer to the topic paper on this page.

Key Issues

Opportunities in this space might include:

  • Community groups, schools and other stakeholders could be supported to take collective action.
  • Moreland City Council could work with other councils to establish higher environmental standards for new developments in the planning scheme.
  • Encourage more local trips to be made by zero carbon modes, like walking and cycling.
  • Design, build or renew our infrastructure to be more resilient, energy efficient and sustainable.
  • Improve existing parks so the whole community feels welcome and safer.
  • Expand partnerships with Traditional Owners and local environment groups to enhance natural areas.
  • Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill through changing our waste service and community behaviours.
  • Support the community to minimise the amount of waste they create.

Challenges in this space might include:

  • Local government can only influence rather than directly control the municipality’s carbon emissions.
  • Raising environmental standards for private development can take a long time and can be hard to get approved.
  • Building the resilience of our social and natural systems, and our infrastructure, requires significant investment.
  • Maintaining cool and green open spaces is more challenging in a harsher climate.
  • The warming and drying climate amplifies existing threats to local natural areas and adaptation of our land management practices is required.
  • Households have varying needs, so a one-size-fits-all approach to waste management may not work.

How should Moreland address climate change?

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