A vision document written by and for the community

In a Moreland first, a representative panel of 44 community members have written a Community Vision document to guide the future of our city.

The Community Vision is a legislative document that must be developed through a deliberative engagement process. The document outlines community hopes and desires for the future of Moreland, and must guide Council policy and strategy for at least the next 10 financial years.

The Community Vision guides the Council Plan, 10-year Financial Plan and other Council documents.

You can find out more about the community panel process here.

What happens next?

Submissions on the Moreland Community Vision closed at 5pm on Monday 20 September. Thanks to everyone that provided us with feedback. All of your submissions are now being considered.

Next week we will host Community Feedback Forum events to enable community members to talk about their submissions directly with Councillors. Then on 14 October we will be in touch with our community to let them know the outcomes of the submission process.

The level of engagement pursued for the Community Vision at this stage is the level of ‘consult’ on the International Association of Public Participation Spectrum (IAP2). This means that opportunity to influence the Community Vision document is somewhat limited, however we commit to keeping you informed about this project, listening to and acknowledging the concerns and aspirations you raise in submissions, and we will provide feedback on how your input influenced decision making.

For more information see the common questions section of this web page or contact Council.

Imagine Moreland video - engagement process and outcomes overview

Engaging the community to inform the Community Vision