What's your vision for the future of Moreland?

What do you imagine the future of Moreland to look like? What are your hopes, dreams and aspirations for a new Community Vision?

In January and February this year we hosted pop-up events, workshops and digital engagement to inform a new Community Vision for Moreland. We asked our community what's important to you, and what services and projects you want us to prioritise to make Moreland the best it can be in the future.

Our wide engagement for the Community Vision closes on 9 March 2021.

In the next stage of engagement we'll be hosting a community panel process. The panel will include a randomly selected sample of the Moreland municipality. The panel will review feedback received from our wide community engagement held between January and February, and they will talk in depth about issues facing our community. Between April and June, the panel will develop a draft Community Vision for Moreland.

Once developed, the draft Community Vision will be made available for public feedback between August and September this year. It will then be presented to Council for adoption in October 2021.

The Community Vision will be implemented through delivery of the following documents that are being prepared this year and are also open for community engagement:

For more information see the Common Questions section of this webpage or contact Council.

Please note by participating in our online engagement you agree to adhere to the Terms of use and to abide by our Moderation policy. We want to ensure all voices are heard, not just the loudest ones, and we will moderate the conversation carefully to ensure it is relevant, respectful and focussed around Imagine Moreland.

Key issues in Moreland

These are the key issues in Moreland that we’d like you to think about. These issues are presented as topics that will help us make decisions about what we need to include in the Community Vision. Click each topic to read more.