In 2020 Council adopted new Governance Rules which set out the operating rules on how Council meetings will be managed and how Council decisions will be informed. The Governance Rules also establish the requirements for Councillors and staff during election periods and when disclosing conflicts of interest.

The Governance Rules were developed with a high level of Governance expertise and advice within Council, guidance from State Government authorities and input from the Moreland community received through an online engagement process.

The Moreland community engagement process was held between June 2020 and July 2020. The details of past engagement on Council's Governance Rules can be found here.

What amendments are proposed?

At their meeting held on 13 October 2021, the Council endorsed the draft Governance rules for community engagement.

The amendments from the current Governance Rules to the proposed draft Governance Rules are now available for feedback, and are summarised below:

  • Correcting anomalies and improving readability. For example, Rules and Sub-Rules be cross-referenced accurately and editorial amendments including the removal of preambles, overview notes and lengthy references to existing Local Government Act provisions.
  • Defining the nature of Council Meetings.
  • Inclusion of a new section titled “Acknowledgments and Other Matters at Council Meetings” which allows timely acknowledgement of community interest such as events.
  • New and updated provisions relating to the Chairperson’s ability to read out public questions.
  • Distribution and availability of the Council agenda.
  • Revised provisions relating to public questions and community statements including an extension of time.
  • Enabling the mover of an amendment (i.e. Councillor) with a ‘right of reply’ to any speakers against the motion.
  • Revising and realigning existing Chapters for a more sequential and digestible read of the document.
  • Increasing the governance assurance involved with provisions relating to the lawful and safe use of Council’s seal, including accessibility and storage enabling the integrity of its use to be upheld.

What happens next?

Community members are invited to review the updated draft Governance Rules, inclusive of the proposed amendments endorsed by Council. Feedback is strongly encouraged and may be provided by completing the submission form below by 5pm on Monday 1 November 2021.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions section of this webpage, or contact us at Council.

View the proposed amendments to Council's Governance Rules here