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FACES & PLACES documentary video

Celebration event, Friday 26 March 2021:

Moreland's Mayor, Councillor Annalivia Carli Hannan and Chief Executive Officer, Cathy Henderson welcomed participants to join together and celebrate their work. Participants ‘pen/art pals’ got to meet each other for the first time... finally! now that COVID is behaving.

It was a wonderful event where certificates of appreciation were presented to participants and personal work books collected. The pure joy on faces being able to meet their pen/art pal in real life was positively priceless. Thank you again; to all participants, carers, parents, grandparents, teachers and project team members for giving your time and talent.

A copy of the celebration event presentation is available in the Document Library on this page and photos added to the above picture roll.

Artist update (Steph Hughes and Glen Walton of Playable Streets):

"Hello! We've just spent an amazing 8 days (December 2020) painting the walls at the Coburg Library - such a bustling corner! We had incredible chats with people throughout the whole process, and it was great to see their reactions as the colour was added and as the images crept down the wall. The positivity from the locals around that zone has been another fantastic interactive element in this project. Alongside us (Steph and Glen) we had a great team painting - Raven, Peter, Charlotte, and Tom Civil - everyone put in a lot of hours and we're absolutely thrilled with the wall, and how people of all ages stopped and checked out all the imagery on it - it instigated a lot of chatting, smiling, and photography! We had fantastic drawings to work with - and something from every single participant has made it up in the mural - a place, face, bird, words, train, dog, flower, etc - I'm really happy how its all come together as a big colourful patchwork representation/reflection of our vibrant community. A few locals came and asked us to paint more of it on their garages :) which I think is a great sign. We thank everyone involved for the energy brought to the project this wacky year - it was truly enjoyable to make and share something as a community, (especially while going through a time of social distancing), and we're thrilled with how it all came together. Thank you so much, and have a fantastic summer."

CHECK OUT all the participants drawings of their favourite 'FACES & PLACES' of Coburg at Playable Web - an online version of the project to share with one and all.

If you want to know more about FACES & PLACES, you can scroll down and ask our friendly Project Officer Briohny Croft a question in the “Ask a question” section. She loves to talk about this project!

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Participant update:

To build more connections between participants, their friends and family, and the broader community we thought we'd ask a few participants if they would like to share their 'FACES & PLACES' experiences. At the top of this page are images from Zoom meetings, some drawings coming in from our brilliant participant artists and photos of a few participants completing the work books :) This project has revealed the deep affection Moreland residents have for their homes and gardens – and their personal stories and connections to the Moreland community.

Below some quotes from these interviews.

  • "The project is from the community for the community."
  • "It’s really good to make artwork and it’s really fun."
  • "I love this area so much, I’m very active and go to all the library events, do a lot of volunteer work. To have something that’s me over there [the library] is very cool. I’m very honoured [to be involved]".
  • "It will be nice to meet new people doing this, because right now we have no social interaction whatsoever."
  • "I wanted to express and include some of my upbringing [in the project] and how crucial it was to who I am today."
  • "I’m interested in the project because it’s kind of cool to think that I did that or we did that."

Artist Glen making the work books (August 2020)

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