FACES & PLACES is a collaborative public art project created by older and younger community members of Moreland. The project aims to build intergenerational connections within the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic. An artist will bring together a group of Moreland community members to co-develop a shared artwork. The final artwork will be a mural on Coburg Library (corner Victoria and Louisa Streets) which will feature a large diverse patchwork of drawings of residents' faces, and the things they love about Coburg.

The work and process will:

  • celebrate community, targeting people living in Moreland affected by COVID-19 isolation
  • pair up experienced older generation community members who have something to teach, with those younger community members who are keen to learn
  • incorporate Moreland’s cultural diversity

Project goal

To deliver a community-based art project, guided by local artists. The project is aimed at connecting Moreland’s older people and youth together with their communities while in continued home isolation and during the slow re-emergence into the public space after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted.

The project is aimed at addressing council objectives such as:

  • Older people are celebrated in our community and discrimination is addressed
  • Older people have opportunities to participate in, and inform, civic life
  • Capturing stories of Moreland’s aged and youth community members – interpreted by artist in installation
  • Creating new relationship building opportunities between Moreland’s aged and youth community members
  • Creating art that challenges the stereotype of ageing and celebrates positive ideas of aging