Do you want to be part of a collective food justice movement in Moreland?

Are you a passionate community food leader interested in working with food security groups and advocates to drive the implementation of a Moreland Community Food Hub?

Food Leadership Action Group

Establishing the Moreland Food Leadership Action Group (FLAG) is one of the recommendations of the Moreland Community Food Hub Feasibility study which Council adopted in May 2021.

The FLAG will provide a platform to drive food system change and support a Collective Impact approach to increasing food security in Moreland.

FLAG members will be working with dedicated and passionate people to provide socially and culturally inclusive support for people experiencing food insecurity. You will contribute to community-led decision making to establish a Community Food Hub model and Collective Impact Measurement Framework that responds to the Moreland context.

Benefits of the structured collaboration supported by the FLAG include:

  • Decisions / actions based on a deeper understanding of the needs across our diverse community
  • Shared / more efficient use of resources and less double up of food security effort
  • Strengthened food security network
  • Reduced data collection / reporting burden on individual stakeholders AND
  • More comprehensive and consistent evidence of the benefit of Community Food Hub activities, attracting greater support and funding
Members in non-funded positions will be compensated for their contribution to the FLAG as content experts. Time commitment involved is 3 hours in early February 2022 for a group establishment meeting, then up to 3 hours per month in 2022. Payment of $30 / hour for those in unfunded roles will be offered as per a contracted number of hours.

Refer to Food Leadership Action Group brief and Draft Terms of Reference

FLAG members will work with the Community Food Hub support contractor appointed by Council to:

  • Develop the FLAG governance structure and processes;
  • Build on the Community Food Hub Feasibility Report outcomes and recommendations to develop a vision, strategy and business case for the implementation of the Community Food Hub;
  • Contribute to development of the Collective Impact Measurement Framework (CIMF) to help the FLAG make smart, data-driven decisions and enable accurate observation and successful interventions;
  • Provide oversight for funding allocation to community food enterprises and organisations in Moreland in a strategic way to build the business case for the implementation of the Community Food Hub
  • Mobilise funds for the implementation of the Community Food Hub and;
  • Other responsibilities as detailed in the Food Leadership Action Group brief