We are seeking feedback from businesses who trade on Bonwick Street and Jukes Road, Fawkner.

Where is the proposed parking site?

The proposed site for business car parking is within 200m of the Bonwick Street business precinct – the south-east section of the public carpark in Penn Court, Fawkner. (Please see the Google Maps image to the right. The proposed site is highlighted in red.)

What are the proposed costs for the permits?

In this proposal, a business trading on Bonwick Street or Jukes Road, Fawkner could purchase their first car parking permits at a cost of $131.10,and $196.70 for their second permit, up to a total of 2 permits per business, per calendar year.

Why a paid permit?

All dedicated business parking bays in Moreland require the interested business to purchase a paid permit. Fees are charged for residential and business parking permits as a way to fairly manage public car parking.

Why are we proposing a new parking site for traders?

This change is in response to requests from businesses trading in Bonwick Street and Jukes Road for dedicated business parking. This proposal aims to strike a balance between the need for reliable parking for traders, and the availability of parking for customers visiting the Bonwick Street shopping strip and surrounds.