About Anderson Park

This is a small local park located at the corner of Lygon and Blyth Streets, in Brunswick East. Some of the existing features of this reserve can be seen in the images under Existing Park Conditions, below.

After delays in progressing the early stages of planning, funding has been re-allocated in Council’s current budget to carry out improvements to Anderson Park. This includes upgrading of the play space as part of the play space renewal under the Moreland Play Strategy 2016-2020.

As a consequence, we extended the time taken to hear from locals, and others in the community, and we now have plenty of advice about how the park is used, what people love about it, and what we can do to make it even better.

The work continues now for us to absorb all of your information, to help us develop a draft plan for the park that we will share with the local community for further feedback in coming months.

Existing Park Conditions

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