Join the Garrong Park conversation

In 2019 we engaged local residents in our planning for a new park at Tinning Street in Brunswick as part of Council's A Park Close to Home project. The park is now open and almost completely constructed and, while some in our community have raised concerns about play equipment at the park, others have told us that the play space is just right as it is.

During community engagement in 2019, our community told us that they wanted to see play equipment that caters to a broad range of ages. It has since been suggested to Council by some members of our community that that the play equipment we installed at Garrong Park does not meet their expectations in catering for older children's play, with a perception the play space is more suited to young children. Others have indicated to Council a view that the play space and park as a whole provides a good range of play opportunities for all ages.

We're investigating what changes, if any, are necessary for the play space and calling on our community to give us feedback.

Over the coming weeks we'll be talking with our community online as well as hosting pop-up events and an online Zoom meeting to ask you what you think about the new play space at Garrong Park. We're inviting you to share your thoughts about these three options being considered for the future of the play equipment at Garrong Park:

  • Option A - No change. Retain the existing play equipment
  • Option B - Replace existing 'Diabolo' combination play equipment with new play equipment offering expanded range and more challenging play activities
  • Option C - Replace existing 'Diabolo' combination play and some additional equipment with new play equipment offering expanded range and more challenging play activities

Complete our short survey below by Monday 28 June to tell us your views about the three options and the reasons for these.

You can also register to attend our community engagement events to discuss play equipment options for Garrong Park in more detail. You can view the various options for the play space in the Document Library on this webpage. Please note the diagrams of equipment are indicative only.

The findings of community engagement from our pop-ups, online survey and zoom meeting will be included in a written report and presented to Council in July 2021. Based on the feedback we receive, Council will make a decision about the future of Garrong Park.