Do you have a great initiative or project idea that you think should be included in the Council budget?

We are preparing a 4 year budget which outlines how we will deliver services and programs to our community.

The budget will cover things like managing waste, upgrading our infrastructure, community facilities and parks, operating our libraries, recreation centres, events and festivals, and services to people at all stages of life.

Your input to the budget process is important. Your views will help us prioritise Council initiatives that our residents think will make a difference to our community.

To talk with us about the 4-year budget:

  • Submit an idea for the 4-year budget below by 9 March 2021.
  • Click on our Key Topics section below and post your ideas.

The feedback we receive through these activities will inform how Council prioritises initiatives for the 4 year Budget. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section of this page for more information.

Key topics in Moreland

These are the key topics in Moreland that we’d like you to think about. These topics will help us make decisions about what we need to include in the Moreland Community Vision and budget. Click each topic to read more.